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Business model canvas is the easiest way to identify a business model and to make a right evaluation of it possible.

It’s the first step of a successful initiative to define the risks, problems and solutions before giving a life to it than proceeding with intuitive ways.

Discover the harmony between the parts of your job!

The approach in question can be turned into a mutual language which you can use to easily describe the necessary business models to make new strategic alternatives and use them skilfully. Without this kind of a mutual language, it is hard to oppose to any business model systematically and to make innovation successfully.

İş modelinizi tanımlayan, göz önünde canlandıran, değerlendiren ve değiştiren ortak bir dil!

Consumer segments
Defines the groups or the organisations that a foundation wants to reach and serve.
Customer Relations
Defines the kinds of relations between a company and its customer segments.
Basic Services
Defines the most important actions a company needs to take to operate its business model..
Revenue Stream
Represents the cash a company gets from each user segment. (to be able to find the profit, you have to cut the costs from the income)
Basic Partnerships
Describes the web consists of partners and suppliers that make the operation of a business model possible
Basic Sources
Defines the most important assets that are necessary for a business model to operate.
Cost Structure
Describes the all costs that come to surface as a result of the operating business model.
Value Proposition
Defines the products and service packages that create value for a customer segment.
Describes the way of communication with the customer segment that a company wants to give a value proposition and how it can reach to that segment.

You think,
how you can use the canvas?

  • "I give consultancy to company owners on the issues related with changing and leaving work. The success comes with a long stand and a constant growth. And the key to this is a business model innovation programme. The canvas offers us a chance of defining and improving the business models." - Nicholas K. Niemann, USA

  • "Business model canvas has a role too in the way of some health institutions turning real constitutions that create value from some state institutions restricted by budget calculations in Holland" - Huub Raemakers, Holland

  • "Generally it is hard to apply the rules of the private sector in the public sector. I have used the canvas to make a division of a public institute see itself as a service based company and I have created externalised business models. In that way, there came a new argument on the definition and the innovation of the work." - Mike Lachapelle, Canada